Monday, June 2, 2008

feeling a little better

Carlee was feeling a little better today, which of course made for a happier mama. I stole this headband from her. It's too big on her anyway. heh. :) Took this on a quick break between dishes and folding clothes. I forgot to mention on my blog... I got my hair cut (if you couldn't tell.) It is drastically shorter. The first day it was so nice, the hair guy had it perfectly styled, a nice summer style he had said. And I had agreed, but since then, the style has been sheenafied with pontytails, pig tails, and Carlee's stolen barrettes and headbands. No blowdrying required. :)

I'm hoping Carlee will be 100% better tomorrow. There is going to be BINGO at the community center tomorrow morning, and I'd really like to go with some friends of mine. Well, Carlee is in bed and I'm going to go scrapbook while I still have the chance.... My American Lit class starts on the 9th, and with the emailed syllabus I received, it's looking like it's going to be very time consuming and tough. Nice... I thought about postponing it until the fall... then I remembered the baby would be here in November. So that wouldn't work too well haha. Ah well. My last core class! Wish me luck!


LoraLoo said...

Don't ya just hate it when you can't make the hair do what the hairstylist got it to do? I love "sheenafied", LOL.

Hope Carlee is feeling better, and that you're doing great!

Sheena said...

ugh I do! I get so frustrated when I actually take the time to try. :) Carlee is doing much better, thanks for your get well wish! She's pretty much back to normal. The bug didn't hit her as hard as it hit the little girl she got it from, poor thing. Take care!