Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun Day Even While Sick...

Tuesday 6-24-08
I had rested all day, feeling good enough to want to do something, but not good enough to actually be able to do anything. heh. We ended up having to drive to base anyway, so that I could make it to the Homeschooling Group's meeting, and then we ended up eating dinner at a restaurant across from base with a few friends. By the time I got home and put Carlee to bed, that is what I looked like.... not too good. haha. I was miserable. I even got 2 stamp orders in, one from Stampin up, and the other from and I couldn't even get excited about it because I felt so awful. :(

Wednesday 6-25-08
Today, Tony had to work at base, so Carlee and I caught the lunch time bus to base as well. We ran errands, printed out MOMS Club newsletters, bought a baby shower present for a friend, and a bathing suit for me. When Tony was off of work, he came and picked us up and we headed to the pool! I was still sounding horrible, (especially after having to continually strain my voice to get onto Carlee the entire time while shopping!) but I felt a lot better. Carlee had a blast! Then we enjoyed dinner at Applebee's with a friend that we ran into. It was so nice to do something fun today, after being in the house for a few days straight. :)