Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've Been TOOO Busy!!!

Sunday 6-15-08
Leaving base. We had watched Kung Fu Panda for Father's Day. It was really cute. Ran errands, got groceries, and headed home to spend time together.

Monday 6-16-08

Spent the entire afternoon deep cleaning the house. Definitely not my best picture LOL but it shows what I was doing....

Tuesday 6-17-08

Almost forgot to take my pic. :) So this is me drinking one more glass of water before getting ready to go to bed. I'm trying really hard to stay hydrated in this heat.

Wednesday 6-18-08

Up really late (I think it was 11 by the time I took this,) writing my paper. I went to bed around midnight and my brain would not shut off. I couldn't fall asleep, and ended up getting up around 1:30 to eat because I was starving. While I was in the kitchen, I noticed something very weird. A truck was going around housing, spraying what looked like pesticide right into the air, everywhere. Not just a little pesticide, but like a huge pouring spray into the air, like a fire truck would pour water almost. No wonder I thought it had smelled like pesticides outside! I don't know how I feel about it. That's a lot of pesticide! But the bugs here are sooo bad even with the pesticide, they're horrible! I don't even want to think about what it would be like if more of the bugs were surviving. ugh. But then again... UGH Pesticides UGH.

I went back to bed, and couldn't sleep. My back was killing me. I'm super tired right now. I might try to take a nap. We'll see if Carlee will let me. :)


LoraLoo said...

Hope you got that nap!

I can't wait to see the Kung Fu Panda movie, maybe this weekend. Madison gets so excited when the commercials come on.

mira said...

pesticides down the middle of the street?! seems like they should warn us about that, that is REALLY not cool.

hydrated: once upon a time I'd put two full nalgenes of water on the counter and attempt to finish them by the day's end. Usually worked b/c I could see them every time I went into the kitchen...not sure why I stopped.

Sheena said...

Loraloo - nope didn't get the nap. :) but i slept good that night. The movie was really cute. I think we will definitely buy that one.

Mira - Yep. and not down the middle of the street, he came down both sides of the street and sprayed/poured it directly towards the houses/yards. Rachael said she had known about it, and talked to housing, because every time they do it, her dog gets chemical burns. But they wouldn't do anything. :( It's rediculous. You think they would warn us. I will have to try that idea with the water. :)