Saturday, June 14, 2008

I keep forgetting...

(6-12-08) Playing Candy Land with Carlee.

(6-13-08) Extremely Tired.

I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I go out and do things. All this week, I've been stuck in the house pretty much, except for going to various MOMS Club things, because our car was in dire need of an oil/air filter change. So bad, that it was driving funny. BUT the Auto Port doesn't carry either the oil or air filter for our car, so we had to have my grandma pick them up and ship them.

I expected them to be here by Friday, so after my MOMS Club scrapbooking event, and lunch, Carlee and I headed to base. We checked the mail, and sure enough they had arrived. I then immediately went to the Auto Port to see if they had time to do everything; they did. So, to waste time, Carlee and I walked all the way across base to the Nex Depot. I shopped around a little bit, although it's definitely not as fun as shopping at the main Nex. It's basically like an office supply store. But I did get a nice new paper cutter (since I've had the same one since high school!) a date stamp (just numbers though, they didn't have the kind with the month boo) and the wrong ink for my printer. Yay! I also was hoping to find transparencies for a new project, but the only kind they had were for ink jet printers and cost way more than I wanted to pay. Whatever happened to just normal transparencies? geez. After an hour, we finally walked all the way back to the Auto Port, to find out they hadn't even taken the car in yet. So we waited for another half hour. Then headed home. I was tired.

Ever since I started this 365 project, Carlee's been fascinated with the camera. She took close to a hundred pictures the other day of various things: her juice, her blanket, the couch, etc. It's too funny to watch her take pictures. She keeps trying to look through the view finder even though the little camera has a screen. haha.

This weekend we have quite a few things going on. Today we're heading to a BBQ. First, we need to stop by the store and grab some food for us to eat. I need to start and hopefully finish my paper. And tomorrow, I think we'll probably go to the movies for Father's Day. There's two that I know Tony wants to see: Forbidden Kingdom and Kung Fu Panda, go figure. LOL I love him. :)


Emy said...

Let me know if you need some transparencies. I needed some once as well (screenprinting) and man are they super expensive! It was like $40 wasn't it? I ended up using this window cling stuff that I had instead.

PS. I thought the baby announcement was saying that you were having a boy!! :D Hee hee.

Sheena said...

yeah $40 bucks for one pack. Super rediculous. It's allright. I'll probably find some online. If I can't find someone to ship it, I'll let you know. Thanks! :)

How do you use it for screenprinting btw?

and LOL @ announcement. sorry! Nope, we still don't know yet because I was a slacker with making my appointment, and the new doctor I want was booked until the 30th. Hopefully, by next month we'll know. :D

Robin said...

What kind of transparencies do you need? I have some here at home and I'm getting a box ready to send Clinton, I could put some in and he could give them to your hubby. I don't know what kind they are, they just say HP on the end you put into the printer. Let me know. You can send me an email,