Saturday, June 7, 2008

365: Our Wonderful Italian Toilet

This is a peek into my daily life. This has to be done... oh about every 4th flush for this toilet downstairs. For some reason, it does not like to flush all the time. Don't you love how high the toilet's tank is? When we first moved in, I would call maintenance probably about once a month to come fix this. Apparently, it's unfixable, so instead of continuing to call them and let them get paid too much to do exactly what I'm doing, I just do it myself.

I got some scrapping done this afternoon while Carlee stamped, played dress up, and cleaned her toys with a wipe LOL. It's still a work in progress, so I'm not posting until I'm done. I also worked on some more baby announcements for my sis. I got another 10 done of a design that I adore, and thought, "whew, I'm finally done." I went downstairs to add them to to stack, counted all the cards I've made, and I'm five shy. heh. Guess I'll be making a few more. I'll post a pic of the last design later, there's no natural light, so it'd be all flash anyway.

Well, if anything, this 365 project has me posting a lot more often! :) Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


J&J said...

This made me laugh because I have to do the same thing on almost a daily basis with our downstairs toilet!

Sheena said...

isn't it a pain? LOL