Wednesday, June 11, 2008

365 Catch Up and my new favorite tin

Monday night (6-9-08) reading ALL of lesson two (=2+ hours,) after having finished lesson 1 earlier that day. Yay for this 8 week class! I just love how the book is glowing.... (and yes, that is a blanket over our window... LOL curtains do NOT keep enough light out. We like it super dark when we sleep.)

Tuesday night (6-10-08) after just coming home from a craft night! I made this super cute tin with Stampin' Up! products. I love it. It's so me! Too bad they don't make that paper in those colors anymore. :( Here's a better one of the tin:
Tonight (6-11-08) I decided to take a belly shot. :) I'm at 17 weeks + 3 days!!

Somehow, I am getting everything done... hopefully it will stay that way. I even got some cards made tonight. Tomorrow, I take my first quiz over lessons 1 and 2. Wish me luck! And Friday, I have a MOMS Club event. Then, I need to work on a paper this weekend. whew! :)


Reese said...

You look wonderful! I think being pregnant definetely agrees with you. How does Carlee like the growing brother or sister?

Sheena said...

aw thanks :) Carlee is still excited. She keeps telling me that I have a baby sister in her belly too. lol