Monday, June 23, 2008


6-19-08 Thursday
Doing the dishes before going to bed. Look at the belly! *I have an ultrasound appointment on the 30th!! So we should be finding out soon!!!*

6-20-08 Friday
I had just gotten back from a stamp club meeting, so I was in a good mood. We made 3 cards that I loved. Only bad thing is I dropped a black ink pad on my lap (so clumsy!) and got ink on my shirt. I hope it will come out. We'll see...

6-21-08 Saturday
Was busy all day. I did get to sleep in though (thanks Tony!) then made a big brunch (vegan version of "sausage," biscuits, and gravy. Tony LOVED it. :D Afterwards, I made cupcakes for Carlee since she had a birthday party to go to. We went to the birthday party, and that was fun hanging out with friends. But by the end of the day, I felt way too tired... something was up...

6-22-08 Sunday
Oh, that's what it was. I was getting sick. yay! And of course, Tony had duty. Double Yay!! Doesn't Carlee look too freakin' chipper? LOL

Today I'm still feeling gross, but I'm hoping I'll feel better by the end of the day, so my picture will wait. I can't wait for Tony to get home... gah, it's only noon... :) I love this picture project because it really just shows my daily life without me writing about every single thing. heh.


mira said...

love the flowery shirt.

and man, your eyes are pretty. Even when sick!