Saturday, June 14, 2008

365: on phone

6-14-08 On the phone with my mom talking about the motorcycle rally and gay pride parade happening in Austin this weekend, which might change her plans to go out. LOL
We ended up not going to the BBQ, because somebody forgot his wallet at work, which means we wouldn't have been able to get into housing, or we would have had problems. Plus someone needed to sleep (a long time) after getting home from work this morning. He's lucky it's Father's Day weekend. LOL
So, I entertained Carlee all day, until we ate dinner, then I read lesson 3 (another 2 hours straight of reading.) I need to do the discussion tomorrow, and hopefully start on my paper. If not, I'm hoping to at least finish lesson 4, so I can focus on the paper this week.
Now I'm off to a friend's house for Army Wives and scrapbooking!!! woohoo! :D