Sunday, June 8, 2008

Itty Bitty Burgers (vegan of course)

My 365 for today. This is one of the Itty Bitty Burgers that I make for Carlee when we eat Boca burgers. We had some for lunch today. I did this one time when Carlee refused to eat a regular sized burger, it kept falling apart in her tiny hands, and she got too frustrated. So, I used a small circle cookie cutter, it's a little bigger than a quarter. I cut circles out of everything, the bread, the boca burger (split in half first to make it thinner,) lettuce, tomato, pickles if she wants it, and add a bit of mustard like she likes it. And she eats them! Well, usually only about 2, but hey, that's better than nothing. And really for her, two of those are about 8 Carlee sized bites, so that's pretty good.

Today I've been busy. We went to church this morning and I've been working on the MOMS Club newsletter and other MOMS Club stuff all afternoon. Did I mention I was the new president for this year? woohoo! The race was sooo close, I can't believe I won!!! (LOL this is sarcasm, I was the only who volunteered LOL) I still have to do the newsletter and secretary duties as of now, because I don't have a secretary. I'm trying to get next month's issue pretty much done so that I can focus on my class that starts tomorrow. This is going to be a very intensive reading and writing class, so I'm really not looking forward to it. I honestly just don't have the time, but I have to make time, because I'm so close to finishing this degree. And pretty soon, I'll have even less time to do it.

PS: That's tattoo #3 btw. Wraps around my wrist, with the same flower on the other side. I got that last October. I love it. My sister and I both got that one. It was her first... and on her wrist, too. I'm not sure if she's going to get another one or not, after that one, heh. She was a trooper though. :)


LoraLoo said...

The cookie cutter was very clever!

I can't imagine how much the wrist tattoo hurt. The one on my ankle almost had me passed out!

Sheena said...

yeah... it hurt. ALOT lol I won't lie. That one hurt worse than my other 2 put together, and my 1st tat is a pretty good size. :)