Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My First Jacked Layout

This is the layout I did for the ScrapJacked! challenge. :)


Reese said...

I love the page! You are so creative. I've just started scrapbooking so it's cool to see other ideas you have and on the other blog.

Sheena said...

Oh Rise, I'm just getting back into it after 3+ years! I feel so rusty LOL On Carlee's pages I feel like my creativity is down the drain, but on ones about/for me I do better. It's weird. This one really got my creative juices going since I had an example to go by. You should try following the jacks, it really helps get you going. I can't wait to see some of your stuff. Take a look at the SIS link on the right, (it's a scrappers community) they have a ton of inspiration too!

Reese said...

I will! I've been making a scrap book for my career as it progresses and then I want to start on one for me and Rob. I've looked at the site and I love them. I will use them for inspiration.