Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mandatory Fun Day on a few hours of sleep

Yesterday's 365 (June 4th): Me shopping in my Close to My Heart catalogs... they're having a buy 2 get one free on their stamp sets!!!

I almost forgot to take my pic yesterday, this was shot at a little after 11pm. I look rough lol. Then for some reason I had a hard night. A whole bunch of pregnancy symptoms decided to show up, and insomnia kicked in. I was nauseous, had indigestion, was starving, couldn't get comfortable, my back was killing me, I was over tired, AND my allergies were acting up, and I couldn't get to sleep for anything. 6 hours later I heard Tony's alarm clock go off, and all I said was, "You have GOT to be kidding me." I should have just gotten up and scrapped LOL.

Then today was "mandatory fun day" as Tony likes to call it, and his command was having a hail and farewell at the bowling alley. He invited us to go, but at 5:30 AM I was thinking, "Ha, yeah right," and kept trying to go to sleep. I finally fell into a good sleep around 6ish, then Carlee came in around 8:30. Nice. I had decided not to go to base because I felt like crap, but then I felt bad because every little thing Carlee did was really irritating me since I was in such a bad mood. I really didn't want to take it out on her, or be stuck in the house, or end up snapping at her all day, so we got dressed and caught the bus to base. She loves the bus (if you couldn't tell.) LOL I can't believe I could even function enough to smile haha. Somehow, I managed. *I don't know why, but she's always got some kind of food on her face lol I guess I should start checking her before we leave the house :)

So, we bowled and Carlee ate up all the attention from the guys and gals Tony works with. Carlee and I played a game after the command's tournament was done. She had a blast. Then Tony went and played racquetball with friends, while Carlee and I ran errands and such. She got a trip to the library which she was so excited about. I love that she loves books. :)

My 365 for today:
I kinda miss my ponytail :(

Anyway, tomorrow I'm holding a Stampin' Up! party. :) I'm excited, I don't host things very often, and I know this is going to be fun. So, tomorrow I'll be cleaning and getting all the food stuff and drinks together. I can't wait to see what we get to make. Now, I'm about to crash for the night. :D


Emy said...

You do NOT look rough. Your cheeks are so rosy! :D

Sheena said...

LOL they've been doing that a lot lately. I don't know why, must be the pregnancy. :)