Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear City Treasurer Clerk

It was sweet of you to offer candy to my four year old, really.  I get that you were trying to be nice and I appreciate it.  However, did you consider that maybe my child can't eat what is in that candy?  Or, how about that since it was 11:30, we were about to eat lunch?  Or, how not five minutes earlier, my four year old was being very rude and giving attitude to the poor children's librarian?  And since you gave my daughter a sucker you have 1) rewarded her for that behavior (of course unbeknown to you,) and 2) usurped my role as a parent because then, I could not take it away unless I wanted to hear a mighty four year old tantrum while I stood there and paid my Virginia state car taxes (which would have probably ruined both our days.)  Maybe you could have handed it to me (being the parent and all) then I could have handed it to her with the instruction that she would take it to the librarian and apologize for her previous behavior.  Better yet, may I suggest stickers? Trust me, kids get just as excited about stickers and that is definitely a much better sticky something to give to a four year old.

of course, (you know me,) I didn't say anything as I stood there writing out my check, but it makes me feel better to put it on my blog.  heh  Hoping to start having more time to catch up on blogging, but.... well, we'll see.