Monday, June 30, 2008

Like Whoa...

Thursday 6-26-08 Studying Some more... My midterm is due this week already!

Friday 6-27-08 Got all my school work done during the day, so I enjoyed stamping with a few friends after Carlee went to bed. They left around 10, and I stamped a little more. :)

Saturday 6-28-08 Enjoying a snack from a Vegan Care Package a good friend sent us. :D

Sunday 6-29-08 We went to the BEACH!!! Enjoyed a day in the sun... too bad the drive is almost 2 hours to get to that particular beach, AND it was packed. We still had fun though. :0)

Monday 6-30-08 WOOHOO!!!! Ultrasound and 20 week appointments today! So... it's a BABY!!! :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun Day Even While Sick...

Tuesday 6-24-08
I had rested all day, feeling good enough to want to do something, but not good enough to actually be able to do anything. heh. We ended up having to drive to base anyway, so that I could make it to the Homeschooling Group's meeting, and then we ended up eating dinner at a restaurant across from base with a few friends. By the time I got home and put Carlee to bed, that is what I looked like.... not too good. haha. I was miserable. I even got 2 stamp orders in, one from Stampin up, and the other from and I couldn't even get excited about it because I felt so awful. :(

Wednesday 6-25-08
Today, Tony had to work at base, so Carlee and I caught the lunch time bus to base as well. We ran errands, printed out MOMS Club newsletters, bought a baby shower present for a friend, and a bathing suit for me. When Tony was off of work, he came and picked us up and we headed to the pool! I was still sounding horrible, (especially after having to continually strain my voice to get onto Carlee the entire time while shopping!) but I felt a lot better. Carlee had a blast! Then we enjoyed dinner at Applebee's with a friend that we ran into. It was so nice to do something fun today, after being in the house for a few days straight. :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

feelin' a little better

Now I need to catch up on my Eng. Lit reading.... yay.


6-19-08 Thursday
Doing the dishes before going to bed. Look at the belly! *I have an ultrasound appointment on the 30th!! So we should be finding out soon!!!*

6-20-08 Friday
I had just gotten back from a stamp club meeting, so I was in a good mood. We made 3 cards that I loved. Only bad thing is I dropped a black ink pad on my lap (so clumsy!) and got ink on my shirt. I hope it will come out. We'll see...

6-21-08 Saturday
Was busy all day. I did get to sleep in though (thanks Tony!) then made a big brunch (vegan version of "sausage," biscuits, and gravy. Tony LOVED it. :D Afterwards, I made cupcakes for Carlee since she had a birthday party to go to. We went to the birthday party, and that was fun hanging out with friends. But by the end of the day, I felt way too tired... something was up...

6-22-08 Sunday
Oh, that's what it was. I was getting sick. yay! And of course, Tony had duty. Double Yay!! Doesn't Carlee look too freakin' chipper? LOL

Today I'm still feeling gross, but I'm hoping I'll feel better by the end of the day, so my picture will wait. I can't wait for Tony to get home... gah, it's only noon... :) I love this picture project because it really just shows my daily life without me writing about every single thing. heh.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've Been TOOO Busy!!!

Sunday 6-15-08
Leaving base. We had watched Kung Fu Panda for Father's Day. It was really cute. Ran errands, got groceries, and headed home to spend time together.

Monday 6-16-08

Spent the entire afternoon deep cleaning the house. Definitely not my best picture LOL but it shows what I was doing....

Tuesday 6-17-08

Almost forgot to take my pic. :) So this is me drinking one more glass of water before getting ready to go to bed. I'm trying really hard to stay hydrated in this heat.

Wednesday 6-18-08

Up really late (I think it was 11 by the time I took this,) writing my paper. I went to bed around midnight and my brain would not shut off. I couldn't fall asleep, and ended up getting up around 1:30 to eat because I was starving. While I was in the kitchen, I noticed something very weird. A truck was going around housing, spraying what looked like pesticide right into the air, everywhere. Not just a little pesticide, but like a huge pouring spray into the air, like a fire truck would pour water almost. No wonder I thought it had smelled like pesticides outside! I don't know how I feel about it. That's a lot of pesticide! But the bugs here are sooo bad even with the pesticide, they're horrible! I don't even want to think about what it would be like if more of the bugs were surviving. ugh. But then again... UGH Pesticides UGH.

I went back to bed, and couldn't sleep. My back was killing me. I'm super tired right now. I might try to take a nap. We'll see if Carlee will let me. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

365: on phone

6-14-08 On the phone with my mom talking about the motorcycle rally and gay pride parade happening in Austin this weekend, which might change her plans to go out. LOL
We ended up not going to the BBQ, because somebody forgot his wallet at work, which means we wouldn't have been able to get into housing, or we would have had problems. Plus someone needed to sleep (a long time) after getting home from work this morning. He's lucky it's Father's Day weekend. LOL
So, I entertained Carlee all day, until we ate dinner, then I read lesson 3 (another 2 hours straight of reading.) I need to do the discussion tomorrow, and hopefully start on my paper. If not, I'm hoping to at least finish lesson 4, so I can focus on the paper this week.
Now I'm off to a friend's house for Army Wives and scrapbooking!!! woohoo! :D

Baby Announcement

Still working with what paper supplies I have, I made some of these for my sister. I loved this one even though it's so simple. The stamps really make it, it's so cute. :) The inside says, "Baby Jonas is here!"

I keep forgetting...

(6-12-08) Playing Candy Land with Carlee.

(6-13-08) Extremely Tired.

I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I go out and do things. All this week, I've been stuck in the house pretty much, except for going to various MOMS Club things, because our car was in dire need of an oil/air filter change. So bad, that it was driving funny. BUT the Auto Port doesn't carry either the oil or air filter for our car, so we had to have my grandma pick them up and ship them.

I expected them to be here by Friday, so after my MOMS Club scrapbooking event, and lunch, Carlee and I headed to base. We checked the mail, and sure enough they had arrived. I then immediately went to the Auto Port to see if they had time to do everything; they did. So, to waste time, Carlee and I walked all the way across base to the Nex Depot. I shopped around a little bit, although it's definitely not as fun as shopping at the main Nex. It's basically like an office supply store. But I did get a nice new paper cutter (since I've had the same one since high school!) a date stamp (just numbers though, they didn't have the kind with the month boo) and the wrong ink for my printer. Yay! I also was hoping to find transparencies for a new project, but the only kind they had were for ink jet printers and cost way more than I wanted to pay. Whatever happened to just normal transparencies? geez. After an hour, we finally walked all the way back to the Auto Port, to find out they hadn't even taken the car in yet. So we waited for another half hour. Then headed home. I was tired.

Ever since I started this 365 project, Carlee's been fascinated with the camera. She took close to a hundred pictures the other day of various things: her juice, her blanket, the couch, etc. It's too funny to watch her take pictures. She keeps trying to look through the view finder even though the little camera has a screen. haha.

This weekend we have quite a few things going on. Today we're heading to a BBQ. First, we need to stop by the store and grab some food for us to eat. I need to start and hopefully finish my paper. And tomorrow, I think we'll probably go to the movies for Father's Day. There's two that I know Tony wants to see: Forbidden Kingdom and Kung Fu Panda, go figure. LOL I love him. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

365 Catch Up and my new favorite tin

Monday night (6-9-08) reading ALL of lesson two (=2+ hours,) after having finished lesson 1 earlier that day. Yay for this 8 week class! I just love how the book is glowing.... (and yes, that is a blanket over our window... LOL curtains do NOT keep enough light out. We like it super dark when we sleep.)

Tuesday night (6-10-08) after just coming home from a craft night! I made this super cute tin with Stampin' Up! products. I love it. It's so me! Too bad they don't make that paper in those colors anymore. :( Here's a better one of the tin:
Tonight (6-11-08) I decided to take a belly shot. :) I'm at 17 weeks + 3 days!!

Somehow, I am getting everything done... hopefully it will stay that way. I even got some cards made tonight. Tomorrow, I take my first quiz over lessons 1 and 2. Wish me luck! And Friday, I have a MOMS Club event. Then, I need to work on a paper this weekend. whew! :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Itty Bitty Burgers (vegan of course)

My 365 for today. This is one of the Itty Bitty Burgers that I make for Carlee when we eat Boca burgers. We had some for lunch today. I did this one time when Carlee refused to eat a regular sized burger, it kept falling apart in her tiny hands, and she got too frustrated. So, I used a small circle cookie cutter, it's a little bigger than a quarter. I cut circles out of everything, the bread, the boca burger (split in half first to make it thinner,) lettuce, tomato, pickles if she wants it, and add a bit of mustard like she likes it. And she eats them! Well, usually only about 2, but hey, that's better than nothing. And really for her, two of those are about 8 Carlee sized bites, so that's pretty good.

Today I've been busy. We went to church this morning and I've been working on the MOMS Club newsletter and other MOMS Club stuff all afternoon. Did I mention I was the new president for this year? woohoo! The race was sooo close, I can't believe I won!!! (LOL this is sarcasm, I was the only who volunteered LOL) I still have to do the newsletter and secretary duties as of now, because I don't have a secretary. I'm trying to get next month's issue pretty much done so that I can focus on my class that starts tomorrow. This is going to be a very intensive reading and writing class, so I'm really not looking forward to it. I honestly just don't have the time, but I have to make time, because I'm so close to finishing this degree. And pretty soon, I'll have even less time to do it.

PS: That's tattoo #3 btw. Wraps around my wrist, with the same flower on the other side. I got that last October. I love it. My sister and I both got that one. It was her first... and on her wrist, too. I'm not sure if she's going to get another one or not, after that one, heh. She was a trooper though. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

365: Our Wonderful Italian Toilet

This is a peek into my daily life. This has to be done... oh about every 4th flush for this toilet downstairs. For some reason, it does not like to flush all the time. Don't you love how high the toilet's tank is? When we first moved in, I would call maintenance probably about once a month to come fix this. Apparently, it's unfixable, so instead of continuing to call them and let them get paid too much to do exactly what I'm doing, I just do it myself.

I got some scrapping done this afternoon while Carlee stamped, played dress up, and cleaned her toys with a wipe LOL. It's still a work in progress, so I'm not posting until I'm done. I also worked on some more baby announcements for my sis. I got another 10 done of a design that I adore, and thought, "whew, I'm finally done." I went downstairs to add them to to stack, counted all the cards I've made, and I'm five shy. heh. Guess I'll be making a few more. I'll post a pic of the last design later, there's no natural light, so it'd be all flash anyway.

Well, if anything, this 365 project has me posting a lot more often! :) Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2008

365 - my 2nd tattoo

365 for today. I don't think I've ever put pictures of my tats up on here. I should. I love them. I have 3 so far. This was #2. I got this the day before I got married back in Jan 04. My best friend and I got matching ones. It was very symbolic for us, as we were both going through big... no, HUGE changes in our lives... a metamorphosis of sorts, for both of us. I was getting married, that's a big change. Anyway, it is a whimsical little butterfly, with both our favorite colors, blue (mine) and green (hers.) The tattoo guy hand drew it because we didn't really like any of the butterflies that they had on file. I adore this one, and think of her everytime I see it. :) I had to take a picture like this today, since I hardly ever wear shirts that show it off (although I should, I'm not diggin that farmer's tan I've got going on LOL.)

The Stampin' Up! party went great, I think everyone had a lot of fun. I didn't get to make the card with everyone because I was running after Carlee, but the demonstrator let me have hers. It is sooo adorable. I think I'm going to have to buy that set of stamps. :) I need to go through my wish list and figure out what I'm going to order....

PS: I felt the baby MOVE tonight!!! for the first time!!! ahhhh!!!! :D

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mandatory Fun Day on a few hours of sleep

Yesterday's 365 (June 4th): Me shopping in my Close to My Heart catalogs... they're having a buy 2 get one free on their stamp sets!!!

I almost forgot to take my pic yesterday, this was shot at a little after 11pm. I look rough lol. Then for some reason I had a hard night. A whole bunch of pregnancy symptoms decided to show up, and insomnia kicked in. I was nauseous, had indigestion, was starving, couldn't get comfortable, my back was killing me, I was over tired, AND my allergies were acting up, and I couldn't get to sleep for anything. 6 hours later I heard Tony's alarm clock go off, and all I said was, "You have GOT to be kidding me." I should have just gotten up and scrapped LOL.

Then today was "mandatory fun day" as Tony likes to call it, and his command was having a hail and farewell at the bowling alley. He invited us to go, but at 5:30 AM I was thinking, "Ha, yeah right," and kept trying to go to sleep. I finally fell into a good sleep around 6ish, then Carlee came in around 8:30. Nice. I had decided not to go to base because I felt like crap, but then I felt bad because every little thing Carlee did was really irritating me since I was in such a bad mood. I really didn't want to take it out on her, or be stuck in the house, or end up snapping at her all day, so we got dressed and caught the bus to base. She loves the bus (if you couldn't tell.) LOL I can't believe I could even function enough to smile haha. Somehow, I managed. *I don't know why, but she's always got some kind of food on her face lol I guess I should start checking her before we leave the house :)

So, we bowled and Carlee ate up all the attention from the guys and gals Tony works with. Carlee and I played a game after the command's tournament was done. She had a blast. Then Tony went and played racquetball with friends, while Carlee and I ran errands and such. She got a trip to the library which she was so excited about. I love that she loves books. :)

My 365 for today:
I kinda miss my ponytail :(

Anyway, tomorrow I'm holding a Stampin' Up! party. :) I'm excited, I don't host things very often, and I know this is going to be fun. So, tomorrow I'll be cleaning and getting all the food stuff and drinks together. I can't wait to see what we get to make. Now, I'm about to crash for the night. :D

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My First Jacked Layout

This is the layout I did for the ScrapJacked! challenge. :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

paella vegetariana

These angles are awesome aren't they? lol I didn't realize how hard it is to take a good self portrait. I've resorted to using my crappy little point and shoot, and even then, my arm is not long enough to get it far enough to focus on me half the time. :) but whatever.

This is me prepping to make Paella Vegetariana from We loved it. The only changes I made were to use tumeric instead of the saffron, peas instead of the artichokes, leave out the red bell pepper because I didn't have one, replace the red kidney beans with white navy beans, and add some cooked, chopped Morningstar Meal Starters Chi'kin Strips at the end. I think I'll be making this often because it was fairly easy, very nutritious, and we all liked it... well except Carlee, but she's so picky anyway. If there's too many things mixed in, she won't even try it. She missed out.

Tonight, I scrapped after putting Carlee to bed. I decided to focus tonight on the latest ScrapJacked! challenge. This will be the first one I've entered, even though I've been reading the blog for a while. I'm so in love with what I came up with. I'll post a pic tomorrow. :)

Now, I'm off to bed!

Monday, June 2, 2008

feeling a little better

Carlee was feeling a little better today, which of course made for a happier mama. I stole this headband from her. It's too big on her anyway. heh. :) Took this on a quick break between dishes and folding clothes. I forgot to mention on my blog... I got my hair cut (if you couldn't tell.) It is drastically shorter. The first day it was so nice, the hair guy had it perfectly styled, a nice summer style he had said. And I had agreed, but since then, the style has been sheenafied with pontytails, pig tails, and Carlee's stolen barrettes and headbands. No blowdrying required. :)

I'm hoping Carlee will be 100% better tomorrow. There is going to be BINGO at the community center tomorrow morning, and I'd really like to go with some friends of mine. Well, Carlee is in bed and I'm going to go scrapbook while I still have the chance.... My American Lit class starts on the 9th, and with the emailed syllabus I received, it's looking like it's going to be very time consuming and tough. Nice... I thought about postponing it until the fall... then I remembered the baby would be here in November. So that wouldn't work too well haha. Ah well. My last core class! Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

365 project... and being busy...

June 1, 2008
Holding my clingy, sicky, whiney 3 year old.
Hopefully, she'll fight this bug off.

While surfing scrappers' blogs, I found Funky.Fresh.Cool. and her cool project of a self portrait picture a day. I thought this idea was super cool, and actually I wish I had seen that idea a while ago, because it would have been neat to do for the whole pregnancy. Oh well. June 1st is a good a day as any to start, I suppose. :)

These past two weeks have been super busy for me... as you could probably tell from the lack of posts. MOMS Club stuff is keeping me on my toes lately, as well as Carlee's birthday on May 22. I held a playdough and cupcake playgroup for her on her birthday (Thursday.) And then last Sunday, held her birthday party. We tried to keep it as simple as possible, and it was still exhausting! We had a mom's night out, that was fun (but since I was pregnant, I got to drive... To CATANIA!) We went to a Mexican restaurant that is super delicious. We had a good time. My stamp club had a meeting, (my month to host! got some really awesome stuff! woot!) and there was also a scrappin' class I went to where we made a 3 panel wall hanging out of a scrapbook kit and chipboard. The girls were making fun of me because it always takes F..O...R...E...V.....E....R..... to decide what I want to do any time I'm crafting. This project was no exception, while the other ladies were gluing and stickering and whatnot, I was STILL deciding on what papers to use on which board. haha. I need to print out some pictures to use, and then I will finish it. I also went to a homeschooling meeting. There is discussion of forming a preschool co-op in the fall. I'm so excited about that! There was more stuff, but my brain is not working, but there was something pretty much every day, it felt like.

Amazingly, I had time to scrapbook some over the past two weeks! I'm so happy to be getting back into crafting. And this being pregnant, really lit a fire under my you know what to get Carlee's 1st Year book done (I'm almost there!.) LOL It's not like she's 3 already or anything.... haha. Here are my two favorite layouts that I did:

Carlee's First Real Bath (made blogger friendly with Paint LOL.) I made this super simple, but fell in love with it. I messed up on the lettering a little bit, then I tried to make it look like I did it on purpose, but it didn't really work like I wanted it to. Oh well. I still love it. I still need to add a journal somewhere, or maybe not, since the date is on the photo.
Carlee's First Time in the Swing. I love this one too, I think because I put more effort into it. I painted the background with acrylic paint (thanks for sending it Grandma!) And even stamped the background on the white part to match her sweater. Actually I made the small green background too. :) I need to go back and add a journaling to the little tag.
I hope one day to get more creative with my scrapbooking... I'm still a work in progress, and I've been doing this since I was in the 6th grade! lol... But I love doing it.