Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Remember the crow on Secret of Nimh? He would love my U card. :) I went to another class last week that was completely filled up and so worth it. We made my two favorite cards yet, both in one night. We were warned that we would end up going home covered in glitter, and we didn't leave disappointed. Here are the cards:

I hate how my scanner focuses on the embellishments... but oh well. And I'm horrible at putting them on the scanner straight... lol Anyway, aren't those adorable? I had a good time, and am really enjoying the girls that are in my stamp club. I was really quiet the first few times I went, but now after getting to know them, I'm laughing and cracking jokes as much as they are. It's a lot of fun.


Emy said...

Stamp club? That sounds neat. I like the first card a lot.

Sheena said...

yeah, it's so much fun. It's done through a Stampin' Up! consultant and there's a certain number of members (I think 6?) and then each month a different person gets the hostess benefits from that month's orders. It's been really fun. I like the first card too.