Sunday, April 27, 2008

PhotoClub Trip #1: Caltagirone

We were super busy today. This morning we volunteered at our MOMS Club Beach Clean Up in Gela. That was really cool. I'll post another update on that, when my friend sends me the pictures she took.

What I do have photos of today, though, is our first ever Photography Club's "field trip." For our first, we chose Caltagirone to photograph the area around the city's main attraction of Scale di Santa Maria del Monte, which is a set of stairs with 142 steps tiled with hand painted tiles (no two levels, or tiles for that matter, are exactly alike.) We had a blast and thankfully Carlee was so well behaved, even after being in the sun and sand all morning! It was so much fun to spend time with people who also love photography, people watching, and of course eating! We found a little pizzeria with awesome bruschetta pizza and lemon granita! (*edit* I originally said gelato, but it was in fact granita, a flavored shaved ice type of treat, not ice cream.) Very nice! Here are my favorite pictures from the day:

I loved this window.
I love how the guy is looking at the clover in this one:

I think this is going to end up being my signature photo. LOL
This was us at the very top of the stairs (our first time ever climbing to the top!)

These were at that little pizzeria... I so wish they had been vegan. :) But they were very pretty.


erin said...

great the fun tiled stairs