Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's okay... You can drool...

Veganized Strawberry Shortcake!!
And oh my goodness... It was delicious! I wish I had that contraption on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so that I could send it to you through the tv or better yet the computer since that seems to be what's closer at this particular moment. :)

For the strawberries and shortbread, I used the recipe on the back of Heart Smart Bisquick box, needing only to replace the milk with soymilk. The last of the fresh strawberries from the market last week were quickly washed and sliced. And for the whip cream, I used the recipe off the back of the EnerG Egg Replacer box. I think I should have whipped it a little more, but I got a little impatient. lol It tasted wonderful though.

A few other things I received with the same order as my EnerG Egg Replacer were Tings and Tofu Scrambler. The Tings are so good, that it's dangerous. We find ourselves snacking on them when we should be choosing much healthier options, but for once in a while, they are a really nice treat (and of course they are much healthier than eating Cheetos. blech.) We had the tofu scramble tonight for dinner along with hash browns (and the strawberry shortcake for dessert.) I know a little scarce on the veggies tonight, but trust me, we had a load of them for last night's dinner. :) Anyway, it was really good! (If you are someone who hasn't read my past blogs, I LOVE eating breakfast for dinner!) I was pleasantly surprised with the scramble's seasoning mix, but a little disappointed that the box only comes with two packets. I guess I'll probably be sticking to the scramble recipe in VWAV, which I like just as much and it is a lot cheaper than buying the premade mix.