Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I crack myself up...

I posted this on my friend's myspace (she's moving soon and I already knew she was preggers.)

"OMG you're PREGNANT!?! AHHHH!!!! CONGRATS!!!! :) I'm going to kidnap you and keep you hidden in our Harry Potter Closet, don't worry I'll move the catbox somewhere else."

I couldn't stop laughing at myself. If my mom or sister were here, they would have laughed at me laughing, and then I would have laughed at them laughing, and then we wouldn't be able to stop laughing... I miss that.

wow. okay, that went from funny to sad in about .2 seconds! *Miss you two!*

On another note, I had my first "appointment" yesterday. I had to get up at 6 AM to get ready, and wake Carlee at 6:30 to get her ready. After waking up, Carlee said, "Mommy, my eyes are tired. Are we going on the plane?" Anytime she gets up really early, she relates that to us getting on the MAC flights at 3 AM. :( We finally left the house at 7 AM to get to base by 7:45 (the time I was told to get there.)

Well, I was the first one there. I did my huge paper work packet, and waited and waited and waited for the rest of the girls that were included in my group. The first "appointment" is more like a class with speakers such as the WIC people, a nutritionist, visiting nurse, etc. Then you get bloodwork done, then you get a one on one with the nurse, and then you finally get to go home. Anyway, the rest of the class didn't show up until 8:30ish, then we finally got started. If I had known that I would have slept in. I was bored anyway, only one of the girls is a first time mom, the rest of us had had kids already. It did remind me of when Carlee was firstborn though. I caught myself daydreaming about those first few days, and thought, "Oh yeah..." *smile* I can't wait. :D

Anyway, so things are going good. I'm at 7 1/2 weeks *Due Nov. 16th!* (so if you can, send positive thoughts and prayers because I'm still so early.) My weight is good (I've put on 2 pounds). I'm slightly showing, but you wouldn't notice it. Only Tony and I can see it, well, because we know what my tummy looked like before. :) My BMI is good, eating is great, exercise is good, etc. No morning sickness as of yet, the only effect I'm feeling is being tired at the end of the day. Really tired. I told Tony, it wasn't like this with Carlee. He said, "Well, Sheena, when you were pregnant with Carlee you didn't have an almost 3 year old Carlee to run after." LOL I'm really excited about this pregnancy. I'm so much more health conscious than when I was pregnant with Carlee (and even then I was somewhat health conscious,) and I really feel like it's going to make a big difference. I can't wait to see how much of a difference.

Hope everyone is having a good week!