Monday, April 14, 2008

first unexpected preggo comment and red rice

I was walking to the store with Carlee to get some rice for a project, and a lady that I know saw me and waved. I waved back, and when I reached her, she bluntly said, "You look pregnant."

hunh. All I could think was... "Wow. You're so lucky I actually am."


As for the rice project... This week I'm working with Carlee on the letter R. She picked the letter. :) I made her some red colored rice (instructions here) to use to glue on letter Rs that I cut out for her. She loved the project, and then continued to play with the left over rice by "cooking" it at her little kitchen set that she begged for me to bring downstairs. :D

As soon as Tony walked in the door, I had to warn him, "Don't be mad," I said.

"Yeah, don't be mad, Daddy," said Carlee.

Tony looked around cautiously, "Uh, why?" I showed him what I made for Carlee, and he shrugged it off. It was not until right before dinner time, while he was sweeping up rice for the 6th time since he got home, that he admitted, "Ugh, that rice is an OCDer's nightmare."

I couldn't help but laugh.


Mrs. Guthrie said...

DEFINITELY lucky you are! Brave (or completely thoughtless) woman.....

The rice looks like fun :) Ok, yeah, and potentially tons of cleanup. :)

Reese said...

Gotta love those blunt people! The rice activity sounded like fun for you and Carlee...not so much for Tony ;)

Sheena said...

yeah... she was definitely lucky, lol. The rice has proved entertaining to carlee. We went ahead and bought a long shallow storage container to make sort of a "sandbox" out of, but I'm going to fill it with colored rice, like that blog suggests. I was planning on keeping it inside, but Tony was like,"So that's going to be on the porch right?" hah... I guess so. :D