Thursday, April 10, 2008

a new art table!

I have been looking for a good table for Carlee to do her artwork at, and this is perfect! I found this at a garage sale on the way to the park for a MOMS Club lunch. Three other moms were already there, so thankfully none of them wanted this. One did however get this nifty sandbox table that I would have bought as well. But then again, I've been planning on just getting a shallow storage container to put on top of the coffee table. I recently saw on a blog that a good thing to use is colored rice, much easier to pick up than sand. I'll have to make some of that for Carlee. Anyway, she loves this already. I can't wait to get it set up upstairs with all her art supplies readily available. *edit* So I googled this set, and at Target, it's $80! I paid only $15. :D Very nice!