Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sneaky Viruses....

About two weeks ago, Carlee came down with this cough. She wasn't acting sick or anything, so I assumed it was just allergies, as she usually does come down with them around this time and in the fall here. Anyway, about a week ago, Tony came down with the same cough, but over the course of yesterday and last night, it got really bad. For some reason he got hit by this bug a lot harder than Carlee did.

So he called me this morning and tells me he's coming home early from work in order to go to the doctors. The appointment took forever, and I knew that wasn't a good sign. He finally came out, looking all pale, and said, "It's a viral strain of pneumonia."


Which means, he probably got it from Carlee, since she had the cough first. He asked if we should take Carlee in, but the doctor said to not even bother as long as she was acting normal, eating, and drinking, because there's nothing they could give her. She has to fight it off. Tony asked if they were contagious, and the doctor said, "Well, you were around a week or two ago. Two to three days before you start having symptoms is when you're contagious."

sneaky sneaky viruses.