Thursday, February 26, 2009

ugh... sickies

I had 3 events to go to today:

A "caffeine kicker" at a friends house (get together and chat- can you say adult conversation!?)
C's Preschool Co-op
Stamp Club (making cards!!)

And I couldn't go to any because C is sick =( She woke up this morning with a sore throat and a fever that got up to 103. ugh. Not fun, especially since it's a duty day. It always seems to happen that way.


Elijah and Karrie said...

I just had a lot of fun reading your blog for the last year. I don't often do more than skim blogs sometimes, but you are very entertaining. :-) I got a kick out of your shopping list guy. That's too funny, I hope I don't run into him ever, I would hate to hear what my list means about me! I love your pictures by the way, you are an awesome photographer. I wish we had more time together before you take off to the states. You better keep in touch! :)


mira said...


Sheena said...

Well, we went ahead and took her in on Friday evening, because her temp would not break. She was at 104 by the time we left at 5:30 PM and that was after taking tylenol all day. We get her there and they ran a strep test, and a urine test. No strep. But they did find blood in the urine. So they wanted to run a blood test. That was not fun. I had to leave the room. Came back normal in everything they were looking for, kidney and urine infection, etc. So, basically inconclusive. But the ER doc said that she tested for everything that would be considered an emergency and she didn't have any of them. One of the kidney tests though, they had to send her test out. They are also letting the cultures grow for a few days to see if anything comes up that they didn't notice on Friday. I have to take her in again tomorrow to find out what's going on, but today she's been feeling much better. I'm fighting her to keep her resting LOL so, she's fine. Thanks for asking! =)

Sheena said...

Hi Karrie!
I didn't know you read my blog =) I will definitely keep in touch!