Friday, February 20, 2009

Our new orders

I didn't realize that I completely forgot to post about our orders.

So.... we are going to Virginia!

If you know T, you probably know that he never wanted to go back to Virginia after going to school there a few years ago. When we were up for orders we tried to go to Japan twice, we were denied both times. Then we tried for Washington State or California, and we were pretty much told that west coast was not an option for us. Which left us Virginia, Virginia, or Virginia to choose from. =) It turned out for the best though, Tony and his best friend found a ship they could both go to, so that's where they're going.

We will all be going to Virginia in April for house hunting. Then I will stay with the girls and cats, and he will come back to Sicily until the end of May or first week of June. I will keep house hunting if we didn't find something we liked (we're going to be buying hopefully.) And hopefully have a house ready for us to set up by the time T gets there.

We're starting to get ready now. We're very excited to be going back stateside! We miss it very much. Three years here has been quite long enough. =) So, please, keep us in your prayers for this transition!


Emy said...

ooooooooh, I'll be able to see you!!! I know I haven't emailed you back about housing. I wasn't ignoring you, just been busy. Typing one handed sucks. :)

november babies plus 1 said...

Although, I don't know Norfolk. John lived there one summer without me (I stayed to teach in Charlottesville). I was thinking of so many places for you to see, Williamsburg, Richmond, Charlottesville, DC-plus the mountains and apple picking with the girls in the fall. I will get back with you once I look at a map and can see how far everything is away from Norfolk and send you some ideas from when we lived in VA. Hopefully you will pick up your GPS again!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sheena you are going to have such a ball! There's nothing more exciting (or nerve wrecking?) than finding a good home, seeing new sights and getting settled in.
I'll miss "Delightful" and "Carlee-Q" so much but I'll expect much news on your blogs okay.
Oh yes, and I'll miss you much too gal.
But I know that God will have so much work for you in VA. Just think of all the people you'll meet!

Robin said...

I am so happy for you, however, I am sad because it looks like I won't get to meet you when we come to Sicily to visit Clinton. I'm so bummed. I will be praying for you though to find a house and that everything runs smoothly.

J&J said...

We are actually hoping to get Norfolk. Isn't that crazy? I know most Navy people hate Norfolk, but I actually love it. I went to grad school there and lived there almost 10 years. It's where my hubby and I met. Although there are some not so great things about Norfolk, there are some really great things too. We are hoping to find a house in Chesapeake or VA Beach...which are GREAT areas! And there are lots of neat/artsy things to do. There are always cool things going on like art fairs, wine festivals, concerts, and lots of things for the kiddos. If we get orders there, we should definitely keep in touch!