Friday, February 20, 2009

21st Century Learners

This is why I'm homeschooling my kids.

"If we learn by doing, what are we learning sitting here?" I love that.

I really feel that more technology should be used in education. All people need to know how to use today's (and tomorrow's!) technology for information, for creating, for communicating. Student's are not learning this in today's schools, unfortunately.

My children will of course know the basics to learning anything: reading and writing. Then we will push learning further into utilizing technology in age appropriate situations. C at age 3 already uses our computer! She uses the internet to watch videos I've selected. She knows that when we're emailing, we're talking to real people. She uses Paint to draw. And this does not make her special! Most children today, whose parents have some type of technology in the house, are growing up with it from birth! So why is it not prevalent in most schools?!

I found this video posted on The Mom With Brownies blog. Thanks for sharing it!