Thursday, February 12, 2009

So how do I really feel about Valentine's?

Yesterday, while at base, I ran in to the grocery store (by myself!!) T had stayed behind with the girls. I was routinely checking my list as I raced down the aisles to find the few things we needed. As I was reaching to the top shelf for Chocolate Silk, C's favorite drink in the whole wide world, I dropped my grocery list. When I realized it, I had two cartons in my hands, so I readjusted to be able to hold both and be able to bend down to pick up my list. Well, an older man was standing near me, saw my list, and picked it up for me.

"You should be careful where you drop your lists, you never know what someone can tell about you from them." huh? I just smiled nicely, thanked him for the list, and put my soymilk into my cart. "I could tell just what kind of person you are from your list."

"Oh yeah?" I said.

He nodded, "May I?" I thought about it and decided I wanted to hear what he was going to say, thinking he would get it all wrong. I handed him the small notepad paper.

"Hmm... You are a very nice person. You live one day at a time, very easy going. 'Help me get through the day' is your motto. You're very emotional, but you try to hide it," he started. Yeah... but that would apply to most women, I thought. "You get angry, but you don't stay mad for long." Again, true... but a lot of people are like that. "Wait, what's wrong with Valentine's Day? You're mad about something with Valentine's Day."

"ummm..." I thought about it as I looked at the line he was pointing to: Valentine's Treats. Am I mad about Valentine's? I don't think so... Unless... Oh maybe. "Oh," I answered, "I guess that'd be because my husband has duty."

"Oh yeah, that's a bummer. I'm sorry," he answered. I think he was pleased that he'd picked that up. "You see how everything is straight, except for Valentine's? That's what it means. It's the only word that dips like that," he pointed out.

He went on to talk about other stuff, but I was still stuck on the Valentine's line. I was highly amused. After he was done, I admitted everything was, in fact, right on about me. It made me wonder if this was just a hobby of his, or if he was a civilian working on his 2nd retirement with the military or something, banking the money while analyzing people's handwriting. That would be a cool job, if that is a job. Who knows. If it was just a hobby, can you imagine how torturous it would be to go to the grocery store? Seeing so many people with lists that you just want to grab and run three aisles away so you can analyze it? Either way, whether it was a hobby or his job, I got a kick out of it.

And if I had been writing a note or list right then, I think it would have showed I was subconsciously trying to prolong my solo trip in the store. heh.



Andrea Clayton said...

Sounds like he analyzes handwriting. Tim took a class in this a while back for a civilan job. Apparently you can tell how people feel about themselves, family, etc. depending on how they dot I's, cross T's close a's ,etc. The height of certain letters compared to the rest. . .It's very interesting!

Tony's Mom said...

Hey Sweety,

I just learned that some of the teachers around here LOVE Stampin' Up! So if you want, I may be able to host a party or find someone who will host a party for you...if you're interested that is.

I'd be more than happy to babysit:)

Sheena said...

okay! that would be awesome. We'll have to organize something when we come down. =)