Saturday, January 12, 2008

what's new...

*We turned Carlee's crib into a toddler daybed... (sniff sniff) And we put all her toys upstairs, as she's old enough now (I guess) to not have to play downstairs all the time. She is loving the independence, and it's showing through her newfound level of stubbornness towards me.

*My two next classes start this month. I'm taking a (hopefully) easy shmeesy computer class and a (hopefully) easy shmeesy science class. We shall see. All I need is stupid English Lit (which I was planning on taking this semester too, but every single one of the classes was filled up when I went to register, and yes I was trying to register really early!) ugh. So yeah, I need English Lit, and two language credits, but I'm hoping to clep out of Span 1 & 2 when I go home for my next visit. Then I will be done with my Associate's of Business Administration. I had originally planned on immediately starting on my bachelor's but instead, I'm going to get a second associate's in Social Sciences (I will only need 6 new classes). Then I will decide what I want to get my bachelor's in: accounting, economics, or anthropology, all of which interest me very much.

*I've finally got Tony convinced to go back to school as well! He's only 11 classes away from his associate's!

*I'm feeling 100% better after the kidney infection, and I'm off my antibiotics, and I hope to never have another one of those again. I will be drinking cranberry juice every so often from now on, believe you me.

*I found this awesome site: I've been using it for about a week and a half, and I love it. I originally started using it to make sure I was getting all the vitamins and nutrients that I needed. Which I was pretty sure I was, because I feel great, but just wanted to be on the safe side. And now I've fallen in love with the site. LOL. It's awesome to see exactly what nutrients I need to try harder to get, what percentage of my calories come from where, etc. It's a very nifty site.

*I know I haven't gotten around to calling everyone yet, but thank you so much for all the Christmas gifts and cards! We really appreciate and love everything so much! So, thank you. :)

*There's more new stuff, but I'll write more later, because it's late and I'm going to bed.


LoraLoo said...

It was a sad day when we changed the crib to a toddler bed. :( is fantastic, I used it for a very long time, but haven't for awhile. The fact that it was free was awesome.

Glad you're feeling better!! Too bad you didn't get to enjoy your trip better, but those pictures are beautiful!!

Sheena said...

Yep, definitely sad... I even cried a little. :) They grow up so fast. Thanks, I'm glad I'm feeling better too! lol Even though I didn't feel good throughout the trip, I wouldn't have missed it for anything. :) Glad you like the pictures!