Sunday, January 27, 2008


Carlee loves stickers...

no, seriously. She's obsessed with them.

And yesterday she went to a birthday party and got four sheets of the boogers in her party bag. Needless to say they are everywhere. On my face as I type this, on the couch, the floor, her feet.



Angela said...

I guess its a good thing I haven't shown her my sticker stash! I have a whole box full. We'd be downstairs eating dinner or something and wonder where she is...I can just picture coming upstairs and finding my office, my bedroom, my cat, etc. covered in stickers...hehehe

LoraLoo said...

LOL I remember this phase, Madison went through it too. I have this pencil box stuffed with sheets of them and I'd give her construction paper and just let her go. She really likes those puffy rubber ones you can get at craft stores (I think Target sells them too, but I'm thinking there's no Target in Italy). I just started buying them in bulk packages and she'll still make sticker pictures for us.

Sheena said...

Angela- haha no kidding. And she would put them on the cat too, trust me. Dori has not been spared.

Loraloo- I tried construction paper too, but for some reason, she never wants to put them on there. Always on everything else lol. I wish I could buy them in bulk packages here :( I usually just get her one thing of stickers when we go shopping. The ones they have here barely give any stickers and are 2.00! (Like the tiny ones that are always by the gift cards.)