Thursday, January 24, 2008

If it's not one thing....

It's another...

My friend went ahead and took Carlee yesterday since it seemed that it was her allergies acting up again. I gave her allergy medicine and she felt better within a half hour. So, for the first free hour, I ran up to a friend's house who was having a MOMS Club scrapbooking day (I had forgotten I'd told her I would come.) I couldn't just not go, could I? hehe. But I only stayed for about an hour, then headed home.

I got one chapter read in a good time, then logged on to the site to take the test. I was thinking, "this is great! I already got one chapter down, I'll take the test, then I'll knock out chapter two! All before having to pick up Carlee!"

Well, the next 2 and a half hours I spent trying to figure out why I could not take the test. I downloaded everything that the class said to, the CD that came with the book, Internet Explorer (which I hate,) and all the pluggins they required. And the stupid site would still not work. Well, the site worked, but when I tried to open the test it would freeze. Then, after a while, I got a message saying, "You've reached maximum attempts on this test." WITHOUT ANSWERING A SINGLE QUESTION!!!


So, I was pissed. Emailed my teacher. I don't know whether it's my laptop freaking out, or my internet connection or what. We're borrowing a second laptop from a friend right now, until Tony's new one gets in (yes he's getting ANOTHER new computer,) so I'm going to ask if I can install my stuff on his and see if it works or not. I hope it does, because I'd really like to get done with this class.

I went to go pick Carlee up from N's house, and she said, "Oh Carlee had a great day, she was really good. No problems." Great. I ask Carlee to get her socks and shoes, and she runs from me. I get the socks and start putting them on her, and she grabs a book and throws it at me. Yeah, so much for being good, guess it's only when I'm not around.