Friday, July 11, 2008

This past week has exhausted me!

Thursday 7/3/08
The things we moms must do. heh. Carlee and I went to a finger painting playgroup, and they all painted their feet to make footprints. Carlee had a blast. I keep forgetting to go pick up her painting from my friend's house actually....

Friday 7/4/08 Happy 4th of July!
Okay, so this wasn't actually a self portrait, but I was holding a 30 lb child, so it will have to do. We were at the fireworks, that Carlee obviously did not care for. This was where she stayed the entire show. The show was fairly quick though, because the field behind the base caught on fire in quite a few places. It was more amusing to wait around and find out how long it was going to take the fire truck to get there.... a good twenty minutes.
Saturday 7/5/08
The Mineo Town Council (that Tony is a part of) held a kids' event day, so we went and volunteered. Carlee had a blast running around and trying to play the games they had: balloon war, dizzy bat race (she just ran,) 3 legged race (she and I tried on the sidelines, and she was done after about 10 seconds of it LOL) and the balloon toss. I asked the MOMS Club to bake goodies to have for the kids. (I made these Blueberry Banana Muffins and cupcakes. The muffins were soooo good!) The kids all enjoyed the event and the snacks. It was really hot, but worth it.
Sunday 7/6/08
This was after my yoga workout Sunday night (after putting Carlee to bed of course.) I felt great. I always forget how much I love yoga until I start doing it again. Sunday had also been a busy day also. We spent all day at base, saw WALL-E (I could have written a whole post about this movie! If you haven't seen it, go right now!) did some grocery shopping and ran errands. *The grocery manager at the commissary told me they aren't trying to get the firm tofu anymore. :( ugh.
Monday 7/7/08
Another busy day. I went to workout in the AM with MOMS Club! I'm hoping to make it a habit. Then, I held an event, and we scrapbooked at the rec center. There are usually 3 of us that scrap together, and we're thinking about holding more scrapping events. I know there's more people who want to scrap, so hopefully they'll start coming out too. :) It's so fun, and nice because the kids love the Rec center, and play so well, so we get so much done!
*I guess I forgot to take a picture! I'll have to double check my camera... hmmm

Tuesday 7/8/08
The picture shows my new rosemary plant. I'm doing really well with my basil, so I thought I'd try rosemary too. I can't wait to make some oven roasted rosemary potatoes! YUMMMM. On Tuesday, I spent the whole day cleaning. Fun Fun.

Wednesday 7/9/08
I held another MOMS Club event: Story Hour, and then we scrapped afterward lol. Tony spent the free time cleaning out the outside storage unit, and the under the stairs storage that we call the "Harry Potter Closet." My Harry Potter closet is now so nice! I had wanted a shelf for cleaning stuff, and a place to put cloth diapers and a diaper pail, and Tony organized everything just right! (Thanks Tony!) In the afternoon, we headed back to base for more errands, mainly a trip to the post office. We caught another movie Forbidden Kingdom, which I really liked, and Tony (the Kung-Fu fanatic) didn't care for it too much. Of course he liked it enough just because Jackie Chan was in it. :) After making it back home, I worked on a paper for about 2.5 hours straight. I finished it and turned it in. woohoo.
Thursday 7/10/08
Went to my friend's house, and she helped me sort out the fascinating world of cloth diapering. She showed me how to make a prefold diaper out of a receiving blanket. Thanks so much Mira! I'm so excited lol. In the afternoon, I took Carlee to another MOMS Club event: water play! She had a blast with her friends. In the evening I spent all my free time reading more of my current Eng. Lit lesson. UGH.... I'm right in the middle of this class, and I already can't wait for it to be done with!
Friday 7/11/08 (today)
I spent all of today finishing up the lesson and taking the test, as it was due today. Thank goodness my time is 7 hours ahead of the professor's time. It always looks like I am ahead of schedule at least by a day. :D The picture shows my first diaper that I sewed yesterday. I plan on making plenty of more of these. I also started my urban compost pile today! Tony bought me a trash can to keep it contained in, and drilled holes in it for me so that it can circulate air. I just put my first layer of food scraps in today. I'm so excited to be using up all the veg & fruit scraps we have.


Reese said...

Oh my goodness! You have just made me exhausted reading everything you do on a daily basis! I don't wanna grow up...LOL.