Friday, July 25, 2008

sigh....(of relief!!)

This is Tony's cat: Dori. Can you tell she's his? LOL She doesn't like me much... I don't know why. It's just because I'm not Tony. I should take a picture of him holding her, and show you the difference. :)

Studying some more... Reading the next to last lesson. WOOHOO! Now this is my cat: Nemo. :D She looooves me. She even likes to keep me company while a read a whole book included in my text book, while I'm secretly trying not to run through the house screaming like a lunatic.
My daily prenatals: a vitamin and a DHA supplement. The prenatal is uncoated so it's horrible to try to get down. And the DHA one tastes like seaweed... well, because that's basically what it's made from. The things we do for our kids... before they make it here, no less! :D

Don't those pills look yummy?

Do you notice how shiny my sink is? :D Spent extra time cleaning it today. I'm starting back up with Flylady. I used her site for a while, some time ago, and got really good at routines around the house. School and MOMS Club volunteering eventually gave me a reason to ignore my routines though. Now I want to get back on top of it before the baby gets here. I have a friend who is starting up with the site too, so now I have someone to talk to about it.

So, the reason for the post title. I checked out my messages in my English class, and noticed the teacher sent me a message saying my paper was graded. I immediately headed over to the grades page and saw that I got a 235 out of 250 points. I knew it was a good grade, as the average was quite low, but still I needed a calculator to be sure.... 94% baby! What!?! Seriously that paper was not an A paper.... Either I am really hard on myself, or everyone else in the class is turning in crap. I don't know which one it is, but I'm really glad for it. Then again, when half the class thinks they can get away with plagiarizing the discussion questions, I can't imagine what their papers look like. I almost feel bad for the professor for having to read them. But whatever. That grade put me over the 70% mark, so even if I don't turn in another single assignment, I will still PASS!!! (of course I will though, and with 100% effort, because that's just who I am.) So, this class is guaranteed! AHHHH!!!! All I have to do is clep Spanish when I get back to the States.... and I am DOOOONNNEEE!!!! Can you tell I'm uber excited? :D


Granny said...

funny story: def. noticed the sink and thought two things: "my sink is NEVER that clean" and "wonder if she's read flylady lately?". Then went and read the script under the pic. SO yeah, good job.

mira said...

last comment was actually me (using my mom's account, shh!)

Sheena said...

LOL about comment post, I was wondering who that was. haha. Thanks! :) I've kept it fairly clean too! yay

LoraLoo said...

Congratulations! You're so near the end!