Saturday, July 12, 2008

365: Composting

365 for today. Throwing in the day's food scraps. Can you tell our backyard is very ignored? We need to get out there and weed while it's still dry, before the rain starts up and the weeds completely take over again. What I don't get is that they lecture us about not using too much water, but then they want our yards to be nice and green. Yeah, when I drive to base, I don't see luscious green grass fields in this area of Sicily in the middle of summer. I've started watering the front yard every night because it was getting way too brown. I really didn't want a notice on my door. You can't even tell I'm watering it. By 10 AM the next morning, the yard looks just as parched and cracked as if I didn't even water it, and it sits completely in the sun from 8 AM to 8 PM. Oh well, hopefully I can keep it somewhat green until the rain comes. I see so many houses with their water running for hours though... in the middle of the day no less. uh duh. The sun evaporates that water before it even soaks in. What a waste. ugh. Just another thing that irritates me. :)


Nat said...

Hey You,
I love your belly!! YEA for composting!! I am growing Aloe for the first time-its great for FL bug bites-as you know they are bad during the summer. I miss you all so much.Take Care,Nat

LoraLoo said...

That is a nice profile picture. :)

Here in the Las Vegas area you can get some hefty fines for watering between 11am and 7pm between March - September. You're absolutely right, it's a huge waste!