Monday, November 3, 2008

So... I thought

the baby was going to decide to come last night..... Had my first contraction at about 11 PM. Had a few more throughout the night, just enough to keep me awake, anticipating things to happen, water breaking, more contractions, anything! But no... they just stayed very mild and far apart. Yay for false labor! lol But hopefully this means she'll be here soon!!!!! I did practice my relaxation and feel pretty good about that. Carlee also kept getting up throughout the night, so it was a rough night. Thankfully she let me sleep in this morning. =)

On an unfortunate note, my doula had to go to the states for an emergency. =( I'm praying for her and her family, and also for me since she won't be here if I go into labor before my due date. Keep us in your thoughts! =)


Angela said...

ooh, exciting!! I've been thinking about you all weekend :) I just hope she gets here before I leave for the states so I can meet her!! :) Keep me posted and let me know if you need anything...ride to the hospital, help with carlee...anything, you name it.