Sunday, November 23, 2008

41 weeks today

I had another monitoring session today. They hooked me up to the wonderful machines again for over 20 minutes. Baby's heartbeat is fine. I was having contractions every 4 minutes, but I couldn't feel them, until I watched the machine, and realized... "Oh, that feeling is a contraction?" lol very weak contractions, so minor, I've been ignoring them for some time now. I'm dilated 2-3 cm now instead of 1-2. I met my new doctor, and while her bedside manner is not the greatest, I do like her method of inducing a lot better than my last doctor's..... that is if we have to resort to inducing. I'm still hoping I won't have to. But if we do, she's going to use an internal medication, if that doesn't work, then break my water, and if that still doesn't get things going, then as a last resort, use pitocin. I asked that if we had to resort to pitocin, once my contractions started up, if we could stop the medication, and she said she would be willing to try. So that was a little comforting. Hopefully I won't have to induce, and if I do, hopefully the internal medication will be enough to get things moving along. I'm very excited, and so happy I've stuck to my plan so far. I really think the only reason I've been able to keep saying no to an inducement is because of my mom and grandma's help. If they weren't here to help with the house, cooking, and C, I think I would have been exhausted by now, and probably would have given in to an inducement even though I didn't want one. So, I'm so grateful for their help. I just hope the baby decides to come soon, so we can all meet her! (and hopefully get a little bit of sight seeing in!!!!)