Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Sleep Situation

Funny that I got this article in my inbox this morning.... :)

So, the sleep issue is getting a little bit better. Okay, a lot better, but only in Carlee's weird little way. We ended up "SuperNanny-ing" it at first. I started it on Thursday (Tony's duty day YAY!) and it was a nightmare. She fought for an hour at first, with me repeatedly picking her up and putting her back in the bed silently. As soon as I laid her down, her feet were already swinging out of bed, and I had to race her to the door to close it and prove I was serious. Every time she opened the door, I'd take her back to bed. My back was killing me! She finally quieted down for a bit around 10 PM. I had time to take a shower (my only break) and as soon as my head hit the pillow, she started up again. That was about 10:30 PM, I did not lay back down until 1 AM when I finally gave up and let her in to bed. I insisted that this was the absolute last night, and crossed my fingers that she at least took a hint from the last 4 hours and would be more cooperative the next night.

Friday was much better. Still a struggle initially to get her bed, but she eventually quieted down but was laying by the door. She got up and fought Tony (I told him that night was cake compared to the night before, so he had Carlee duty) about 3 times max. She ended up sleeping by the door on the floor!

That's where she's been since then. She finally let us know that she thinks the crib (which is in its daybed form) is for the baby, and that she likes our bed. So, I decided to use a chart to track her nights slept in her room. Once she gets 10 stickers, *I guess....* we'll go to base and buy her a twin sized bed. I really had wanted to wait until we got to the states to buy her a bigger bed, with more selection and better prices.... but whatever will work, I am willing to do.

She's been doing much better. Usually only waking up once or twice and going back to sleep fairly easily once I remind her about the stickers. I just find it so weird that she's happy on the floor in a makeshift blanket bed. LOL but whatever.... :) Plus I'm wondering if when we do get the bed, if she's going to actually use it, or stay on the floor..... o_0


Andrea Clayton said...

Jacob has a toddler bed and tells us he likes "the big bed." I've done the super nanny thing too. . kids!

Kaci said...! :) XOXO

Munchkins and Music said...

Great to hear she is sleeping better for you!