Thursday, September 4, 2008

Raw Food Update

I forgot to give an update on the whole food issue! Well, about 2 weeks ago, I decided to incorporate more raw foods into our diet. I can't tell you how much better I felt almost immediately! I am now eating raw fruit for breakfast and usually some tea or lemon water. Carlee's been eating more fruit in the morning also since it's available but won't quit her cereal habit. =) Lunch is a loaded salad a few times a week at least. I'm talking all kinds of veggies, nuts, and seeds, awesome awesome awesome. I was surprised how fast I got full on the salads, and believe it or not it lasted me until dinner! We have tried a few raw dinners. One was raw "spaghetti" made of zuchinni cut into noodles, and a raw tomato sauce with dried herbs. Tony added mushrooms to his. He was so skeptical at first! LOL but he said he would definitely eat it again (and trust me, he is SUPER picky!!!) Besides eating more raw, we finally broke the soy meat substitute cycle and started relying on beans and lentils again. Like I said, I feel so much better already. I'm so glad I figured out what was triggering the sluggishness so quickly!


Andrea Clayton said...

Raw is always good and a good way to fill up as you felt. Raws have water and lots of nutrients that aren't "cooked" away. I really miss a good salad. BTW where are you finding good lettuce?