Thursday, May 8, 2008

"I want it ALL!"

I am such a sucker for a good deal... and if you're a good salesperson, then you're pretty much guaranteed to make a buck off me.

I went to a tupperware party yesterday, and came home with nothing.... but with a lot on its way. haha. The tupperware lady had a great demonstration of the stackable organizing containers. I loved how they fit together, how long they keep food good, and that they are the only things the military will ship my spices in. (I just found that out yesterday!) Well, if you purchased the 10 piece kit the demonstrator put together, you automatically qualified to get certain things at 40, 50, or 75% off! The wonderfully prepared saleslady had a poster prepared with the title, "I want it ALL!" She added everything up, and showed you how much it would cost normally, how much you'd pay today, and how much you saved. I couldn't help it... I DID want it all.

You see, I am horrible at organizing. Really horrible. Tony is the organizer in this household, and it's funny because he's borderline OCD with it, and then you've got me. The only time I'm organized is if Tony goes in and redoes everything. I try to keep it organized... I really do, but somehow it always goes back to the way it was. (And really, it IS organized in my head, because I still know where everything is somehow...)

Anyway, I decided I really wanted to try to organize the kitchen pantry. The lady even does free consultations to help you figure out what containers you need and how many. We're considering having her come over.

I finally decided on the "I want it ALL" deal, except trading one thing out for another. I got the 10 piece organizing set to start with. I also ordered a set of 6 fridge containers I've been wanting for a while now, that were 1/2 off (swapped out for a set of 2 containers in the prepared deal.) They keep your veggies and fruits fresh longer, and my friends love them. I also got a set of mixing/storage bowls in very cute colors for 40% off. I drew the line there.

It didn't help that this was my very first tupperware party, and that I was extremely impressed with the product, and that the lady was an awesome demonstrator. I spent more than I meant to, but Tony wasn't upset, he was actually happy I was going to try to organize the pantry. So, we'll see how that goes, and hopefully I'll give an update soon! :D


LoraLoo said...

Tupperware is my friend! I've also recently discovered Pampered Chef, which cracks me up, cause I'm soooo not the chef. But it's stuff that makes my life easier. I'm very much the sucker for a good deal. :)

BTW, I must have been absent around here for awhile, you've got a new look! It's very nice!

Sheena said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one :D I like Pampered Chef too, but I've pretty much bought the few things that I felt I couldn't live without (mostly some stoneware.) I love them. I'm really looking foward to the tupperware containers coming in, everyone I talk to says that they make it so much easier to organize.

and on the layout, yeah I got tired of the old one lol... and I love pink. :)