Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beautiful Day!!!

The sky is so blue with only a few clouds today. The surrounding mountains are covered in a deep luscious green, it's so gorgeous. Flip Flop weather has returned at least for today (hopefully the cold spells are over!) This morning we had Story Hour for MOMS Club outside. I've recently taken over that, since our normal Story Hour mom is moving away. :( It was perfect though, because yesterday while at base I stopped by the thrift store, and I found The Little Blue Easter Egg Clifford Book for 10 cents! It was perfect. I also read a few other books, a lamb one, and a butterfly popout book (Mom- that Carlee still loves). This afternoon, Carlee and I went to the park with a friend, and ended up running into a few other friends. We ate lunch and then she got to play. She had so much fun, of course she spent most of her time on the swing. That's her favorite. :) And now... we're doing laundry. Carlee "folded" her first towel today. LOL She usually helps me with laundry by handing me things, but today she decided she wanted to do what I was doing. She's such a good helper. :D


Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* you MUST know my sil... I'm pretty sure she is the one that introduced my mom to a thrift store. :)

Homeschooling has it's awesome days and it's days that you want to bang your head on a wall... I decided what curriculum to use by researching a lot of it and deciding what would work for our family. I am not one of those "sit and hold their hands all day" moms so I wanted to find something that I could tell them what they had to do, then walk away... I get my stuff done around the house while they are working.... and if they have questions or struggle with something, they come ask... I check it when they are done and we either do it over or move on.... This year was a bit of an experiment with the particular curriculum we are using... I've decided I do like it, I just need to add a little to it.... There's a lot out there and you can pretty much find anything to tailor to your family's needs. Overall, homeschooling is something that we all love and wouldn't trade for anything. (... Well, the boy would probably trade it for the ability to not do school at all and ride motorcycles all day.....) Hope this mini-book has helped. ;)

Sheena said...

lol I LOVE thrift stores. I grew up going to garage sales every weekend with my mom, sister, and grandma. It was always so fun to see what treasures you'd find. A thrift store is a whole bunch of people's garage sales thrown into one big room of hidden treasures. hehe. My favorite. :)

Thanks for your opinion on homeschooling. I've really been considering it since having Carlee, but never thought about it too seriously because she was so little. Now that she's in the preschool age, I'm thinking about it a lot more, and really considering it. I'm starting my research on how to follow through. *and I completely empathize with your son, I feel the same way about my current Science class.. lol, except I'd rather be scrapbooking or learning how to sew.... :)

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* He did decide (I actually gave him the option to return to public school yesterday) that he preferred to be home schooled and see me almost 24/7 rather than being in school for 8 hours, come home and have 2+ hours of homework... basically only have time to eat, sleep and do school work. Eh, not so fun. :)

I've enjoyed reading your page... nice to get a glimpse of more life in Italy. :)

mira said...

homeschooling: definitely worth considering, esp. within the military community because then at least Carlee would get a little continuity from base to base. Also, there are a TON of military moms who homeschool that would be a great resource for you.

and yes, thrift stores are wonderful. even better than the dumpsters in housing (although they're a pretty close second, lol)

Mrs. Guthrie said...

M, you would think so ;) I don't know if we've ever discussed it... are you and D (read: D agreeing, you doing the work) planning on homeschooling LP and LB and any future others?

mira said...

probably, yeah.