Friday, February 8, 2008

I've always hated politics... but maybe not for much longer

I've found my political views defined... FINALLY! I'm a CRUNCHY CON! My friend recently told me about this book, and I've only read the description and reviews and I've finally found something that pinpoints my personal views. I'm ordering this book right away, and I can't wait to read it. Once I do, I will definitely give an update/review.

A Crunchy Con Manifesto
(from the Crunchy Cons page at

1. We are conservatives who stand outside the conservative mainstream; therefore, we can see things that matter more clearly.

2. Modern conservatism has become too focused on money, power, and the accumulation of stuff, and insufficiently concerned with the content of our individual and social character.

3. Big business deserves as much skepticism as big government.

4. Culture is more important than politics and economics.

5. A conservatism that does not practice restraint, humility, and good stewardship—especially of the natural world—is not fundamentally conservative.

6. Small, Local, Old, and Particular are almost always better than Big, Global, New, and Abstract.

7. Beauty is more important than efficiency.

8. The relentlessness of media-driven pop culture deadens our senses to authentic truth, beauty, and wisdom.

9. We share Russell Kirk’s conviction that “the institution most essential to conserve is the family.”
All I can say is OMG! OMG! OMG! I can't wait to read this book! (Did I already say that? lol) I've never fully agreed with Republican views, nor Democratic views, and yet I agree with some points on each side. I care about so many things... I've been ridiculed for going veg, for caring about animals, for caring about the environment, for caring about my health. I've been told I was "turning Dem." I've been told, "Oh, how sweet, you think the world can still change," for caring about humanitarian efforts. I've felt so out of place in today's mainstream society with my own personal values, morals, beliefs, and the way I want to live my life. But this... this just describes me to a T. I really hope this movement gains some ground, because there are so many people that think the way I do, the way this book is describing, and can you imagine the good a group like this could do?!?


erin said...

Wow...this sounds a lot like me as well. I'll have to make a note about this book! Thanks for sharing - can't wait to hear your review.

Caraloopy said...

That does sound like a great book! I agree with what said too...