Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bummed... and exhausted....

Last night I joined a bunch of girls for a girls night out (only 3 of them were personal friends.) It turned out to be a disaster. First, we couldn't find any dance clubs after walking around forever in Catania. Around 11:30 we finally decided to head to Deja Vu, a club in Motta which is actually a strip club during the week, but on the weekends it's just a dance club. (I swear it looked like Sopranos with all the Italians and the strip club atmosphere of the place LOL)

Well, after a while, it picked up, and the dance floor was packed. I didn't dance. I barely sipped away on my orange juice and vodka that my friend recommended. The music was the same over and over, they never varied from the Soulja boy type rap, which is fine for once in a while but not over and over the entire night. I did have fun people watching though.

I don't know what time it was when we finally decided to leave. It was at this point that for some reason (don't ask me what it was) the DD picked up two guys that needed a ride to base. Two wasted guys. Two wasted guys who thought they were the most original in pick up lines, and even though they were told repeatedly, they didn't understand the concept that the entire bus was full of women who were MARRIED. Well Drunk Dude #2 ended up passing out, so he wasn't much of an issue as the other guy.

Then on the way home, everyone (minus G and I) decided they wanted to eat at McDonald's even though we had decided to just go home. My friend G and I are adamantly opposed to McDonald's due to the whole vegan aspect, but also because of health reasons. McDonald's doesn't care about the trans fat they're pumping into your body as long as they make the $$. Anywho.... To top it off, McDonald's was back in Catania! The drive to and from there would add about 45 minutes to our drive! However, our opinion apparently didn't matter. So, when we got there, we stayed in the van and waited.

While we were waiting Drunk Dude #1 came back and continued to tell us how pretty we were and how he'd like to see us again. We reiterated the fact that we were married, and had no interest in him whatsoever. He continued to show us his ignorance and annoying drunkenness while we were silently hating this whole fiasco. Dude finally left after figuring out how annoyed we were. A few minutes later, one of the girls came back near tears, really mad at something Drunk Dude #1 had just said to her. She didn't even remember what he had said, but she had told him off for it.

Finally everyone filtered back into the van. Drunk #1 apologized for whatever he had done, and we headed home. Drunk #1 continue to act like an ass as he spit on the door, and threw his trash of the floor of the van we rented. So G told him to pick up his trash, and as he was standing up to open the window, she pushed his arm away from the window, and said, "The ground is not for you to throw your trash on. Where did you come from that you can just throw your garbage out the window!?!" (You go girl!) Dude sat back down muttering under his breath, while Dude #2 tried to keep his friend quiet. We finally pulled in front of Nas 1 where the driver (much to our relief) told the guys to get out. They were mad the driver wouldn't take them to Nas 2 even after the driver had originally told them Nas 1 in the very beginning. As we were driving off, Dude threw his cup at the van. All I could say was... wow. unbelievable.

I finally climbed into bed at 4 AM, and I had thought we'd be home at a decent hour since we all had kids! ha! I completely forgot about doing the last few steps I needed to do on my science lab (I needed the moon's and street light's light spectra,) and just passed out instead. So, this morning I woke up so exhausted, and still needed to finish up my school stuff, which I put off in order to go out last night. I had wanted to hurry and be done with it, so that we could try to go to an Italian farm with friends (something that had been planned for a few weeks.) Well, I finally got finished with everything at 7 pm (after barely failing my test, turning in my lab, and getting a C on my 4 page observation.) So, needless to say, we didn't get to go. During my test, G came by and brought some stuff from the Italian's farm: some freshly picked & grilled artichokes, fresh fennel, and lemons. OMG I so wish we could have gone!!! I'm so bummed!!! They had such a great time picking all the food and hanging around the farm. I'm so jealous. Oh well... even though my grades sucked this week, at least I got everything turned in.

Now, I need to immediately start on the next two chapters, get them done within the next few days, because on Friday those two chapters and my midterm are due.

I cannot wait to be done with these classes.