Thursday, January 28, 2010

My daily battle

Most days, I try my hardest to be organized.  I really do.  It does not come easy for me.  I try to get my meal planning done, my chores prioritized, and my errands ran.  It truly takes extreme effort on my part to know what I need to do and to actually be able to get it done.

If a truly organized person would come into my home and watch me for a full day, she would probably evaluate me running at 20% efficiency in the area of organization.  Twenty percent.  That's probably being a little generous with the estimation, too.

On days like today, I wake up and organization is a giant monster that wants to eat me alive.  I lay in bed not even wanting to fight back.  I don't even where to begin.  The to-do list has no end and I have no motivation to even start.  Even if I did, every single thing that has to be done is flying around my mind or glaring right at me, all screaming and vying for the number one priority spot.

It's enough to make me scream, "I quit!  I'm done trying to get it all done.  I don't care."  But just as I open my mouth, a sigh escapes instead of the scream.  I realize (once again) that I can't quit.  I have a husband (who I love more than I can describe) who is an absolute neat freak and born organized, and kids (who I also love, of course!) that need structure and a clean place to eat and play.  I have to keep trying.  Every day, I have to start this battle over.

So, I get out of bed, brush my teeth, and face the monster head on.  Hopefully, I'll get at least 20% done today. 

Obviously, blogging has been extremely low on the priority list.  =)


Mrs. Guthrie said...

Twenty percent is ok!! Remember, God calls us to do our best and keep going. :) Chin up. Totally know how you feel most days!! :D

Sheena said...

aw thanks for the encouragement! =) I've been doing better lately. It's just craziness, especially being stuck in the house due to the weather! Can't wait for spring! =)

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Oh my word, I hear you on that!! :) Spring could show up January 2 for all I care. ;)

Perfectly Flawed :) said...

Ok...Now that its mid summer, I suppose I can post to this...:)
I going to say they give me a 5%. And to be honest, that may be generous.
Everything I do is undone. ...Redone and undone again. And unlike you, I have a sympathatic husband who doesn't mind. He encourages me to do better, which is what I need. I hope things have improved since your original post.

Sheena said...

PF: aw you started a new blog! =) things have gotten better, especially since I started flylady again. It's not that my husband is unsympathetic, he just can't understand. His brain doesn't work like mine. He's just naturally very organized and efficient. Whereas I am not. He never says anything, just kind of deals with it, trying to not let it show that it bothers him. But I know it drives him crazy which is why I constantly try to get better. He tolerates and tolerates, until one day he can't anymore, then he feels the need to organize. And then I feel bad, because he shouldn't have to do that after working all day. KWIM? But I hear ya. It's the same for me, especially with kids. I do something, and five minutes later, guess what! It's undone. I guess it's just that season right now. C's starting to pick up more, which is nice. Just got to get D to that point too. =)