Tuesday, September 15, 2009


May was the last time I blogged?


A lot has happened. We're still getting reacquainted to stateside spending... errr I mean living. It's been quite an adjustment.

The girls and I were able to visit family while T was in school.

We've been working on setting up our new house!

C is now in ballet.

D is almost 10 months old!!! (she keeps me way too busy!)

T is getting used to ship life again. He also bought himself a nice '99 Firebird that he's loving.

T and I are getting baptized this Sunday! (Hopefully I'll have more time to blog about that later.)

I'm officially taking the last class of my Associate's degree.

Hopefully, I'll be able to add pictures to the girls' blogs soon.



Mrs. Guthrie said...

All very awesome stuff.... I'm especially excited that you BOTH (AAHHH! :D ) are getting baptized!! How AMAZING!! :) Nice to see you are still alive and well via the wide wide world of blogging. ;)

mira said...

baptized!! wow!!!!!!! we're online now, and have a phone and should definitely exchange numbers so we can catch up, especially since facebook is currently blocked on our connection (thank you, local high school).