Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank goodness I blog....

T came home (super late) yesterday from work, and told me that we had gotten a speeding ticket. Now, getting speeding tickets here is so much different from in the states, except that they obviously involve people speeding. Instead of being pulled over by a sneaky cop hiding on the side of the highway and instantly knowing you're screwed, here, they have little cameras set up on the guardrails of the highway (only when they need funding, really.) And they always target Americans, because unlike Italians who laugh off tickets, we have to pay before we can leave the island. The camera takes a picture of your car and its license plate and then later, you find out that you received a ticket. How much later?

Our ticket was for May 5th, 2008.


T said, "It's you."

"Please," I answered, "I never speed. Plus, I was already pregnant with D, so I definitely wouldn't have been speeding." But, the chance of it being me was driving me crazy. I am constantly getting on to T to slow down. (Granted, you can never really tell what exactly the speed limit is, but I've heard 60 mph is our limit.) If the ticket was his, oh well, I wouldn't care. I've warned him a million times, if he wants to spend his money on an (expensive) speeding ticket, then he can just go ahead. But if it was me.... I knew he wouldn't let me live it down.

So, I found my planner/calendar. and flipped back to May 08. Nothing was written in, I didn't start using it until July. grrr.... I went and found a MOMS Club calendar from May 08... no event, so I could have possibly been at base.... Then I thought, "I'll check my blog and see what I wrote. Maybe we had an appointment to go to."

May 5, 2008:
"We bought a kite for C today, and took her to the park to fly it as soon as we got home from base."
Ha! So, if we were all at base, then T was driving. He always drives when we're together, because apparently I drive too slow.



Andrea Clayton said...

Oh that is funny! It's great to catch them when they are so sure it's us. LOL!

mira said...

ha! I told D our last ticket was probably my fault since it was for the smallest amount, which usually means the headlights weren't on (I always forget). When he went to pay, though, he said he looked at the pic and could see me in the passenger's seat. ha!