Friday, December 5, 2008

Lookie what I got to make today!

No... not the baby, she's crossed off my "things to make" list. haha... the diaper! I finally started cloth diapering yesterday for good. I tried for the very first time at the hospital, and lets just say it didn't happen then. I couldn't get the diaper to fold right, and D was more than a little mad, so I decided to wait. I've been using the disposables that I received as gifts, and then yesterday, finally asked my friend Mira to come show me how to do it right. =) *thanks again!*

Well, after D went through almost all of her prefolds yesterday alone, I realized I needed to get on the ball and make some more diapers. I got 2 made today while T and C were at base. I've got two more almost ready to sew if I can get a chance to pin them really quick. I used my friend Mira's tutorial for turning receiving blankets into prefold diapers, posted here (you have to join the forum to see it.) My receiving blankets were smaller though, so they made diapers that are only going to fit for a little while, but that's okay. I'll make more later. I also have a bunch of pocket diapers for when she grows a little bit, too.

After all that practice yesterday, I'm pretty good at putting them on the baby. And D's pretty used to me doing it now, too, which is good.


mira said...

yay! adorable. Oh yeah, and the baby's pretty sweet too ;-)

I have a ton of newborn prefolds if you want them. 3 dozen or so.

so nice to know I'm not the only one who actually enjoys changing her baby's diaper, lol.