Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was great. We got a lot done, although putting up our Christmas tree somehow got overlooked yet again.

Friday, my friend Angie, and I went to the local Mineo Market. I had one thing to buy: purple ribbon, but also came home with some beautiful purple cauliflower, celery, and 4 bunches of spinach as well. After our shopping, we stopped by a small cafe to have a hot drink, te caldo for me and a cappuccino for Angie. Carlee enjoyed her chocolate Silk, and a sip of Angie's cappuccino which she decided she didn't like after all. After our drinks, we sat and talked. We got onto the topic of being ready to go traveling even if it meant without the guys. It's funny how facing the fact that I'm not accomplishing what I had wanted to here in Sicily, has really renewed that excitement and determination to do it. I've even been practicing my Italian again, which really came in handy at the cafe. An older man sat at a table beside us and was (of course) automatically in love with Carlee. (I love how the Italians absolutely adore kids.) He started talking to us, asking how old Carlee was, how long we had lived in Sicily, did we like it, etc. I understood almost everything, I was surprised at myself.

Words I learned at the market:
Cauliflower: cavolfiore
Spinach: spinaci
Carrot: carota
Celery: sedano
Meter: metre

We had so much fun out in town, and I can't wait to see how much fun we have as we start to get out more.

Saturday we spent all day trying to get a virus off the desktop. A bad one. Tony eventually got rid of it today, but only after a lot of time being annoyed. I also got my Christmas cards addressed. Saturday night we went to my friend, Emy's going away party. :( I'm going to miss her. She's one of the few people here that don't think I'm a little weird. :) She's such a great person, and I hope everything goes awesome for her and her family. Good luck Emy!!!

Sunday, I got a lot done around the house. I also made 3 batches of play dough for Carlee (she goes through play dough so fast!) She had a blast playing with it, she's got a ton of cool play dough utensils and molds and such. It kept her busy for quite a while. I also made some salt dough ornaments for Carlee and me to paint. I'll post pictures once we get that done. (Of course if we don't ever get the tree up, then they will be useless....) We also went to base to take my friend Emy & her husband out to dinner one last time. After we got home from dinner, I made a batch of vegan sugar cookie dough so that Carlee can go to a cookie decorating event tomorrow. It's in the fridge at the moment chilling. Tomorrow morning I will cut & bake them, and hopefully they will turn out okay.

And that was my weekend. I'm about to go fold a load of laundry, and then wind down for the night. Hope everyone had a great weekend. :)