Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long Day

First some 365s:

Sunday 7/13/08
I decided to wash the car after church to suprise Tony when he got home from work Monday afternoon. See? We're still nice to eachother.... sometimes. lol The people attending the 11:00 mass (literally right across the street) were probably wondering what the heck a pregnant girl was doing standing on a foot stool washing the car.... haha. Carlee had fun helping me.

Monday 7/14/08
This was right before I headed to bed. Almost forgot to take a pic. :) Look at the belly! She's constantly moving around too! This baby is already very different from Carlee. Carlee didn't move around too much, enough for me to know she was fine, but not constantly like this one. I can't wait to meet her!!!
Tuesday 7/15/08 (today)
This is me making sure the muffins are allright hehe. I made them for our MOMS Club meeting tomorrow.
Today was long.... We had to take Carlee in to see the doctor. Sunday afternoon she started not feeling well, and ran a temperature. I thought maybe it was just from being outside too long for washing the car. She ended up taking an hour and half nap (which is extremely rare since she doesn't nap anymore) so I knew something was up. I gave her some tylenol to get her temperature down, since she got up to 101.8.

Monday morning, she woke up at 5:30 AM so I gave her some more medicine. Up until this point, she hadn't really complained about anything specific, just that she didn't feel good. A friend of mine was hosting a lunch for MOMS Club, but no one could go, so she asked if I was going. I told her that if no one else was going to show up (and if she didn't care that Carlee wasn't feeling too hot,) then I would. Well, no one came, and she didn't care, so I ran over there since it seemed Carlee was feeling better. I was wrong... it was just the tylenol working because by the time we were getting ready to go the medicine had worn off, and she just about turned into a different kid. Suddenly, though, she was complaining about her throat. So she finally singled out what was hurting. I took her to a lighted area and told her to open her mouth... and oh my goodness. Her throat was red, swollen, and I caught a quick glimpse of something white on her tonsils before she shut her mouth. I immediately started to apologize to my friend. "I think I just figured out what she might have," I told her. Strep. ugh. I know the symptoms from having it all the time as a kid, and those white puss pockets on your tonsils are a dead give away.

I immediately took Carlee home after helping pick up toys, and called the hospital to make an appointment. They were booked, so she'd have to wait until Tuesday morning. Which leads to why we were at base today. The doctor seemed somewhat disbelieving at my personal diagnosis, he first started out with, "Well, kids aren't supposed to get strep before their 3, but she's 3 1/2 so it's possible...." He started the exam, and finally asked Carlee to see her throat. She cooperated thank goodness. "Oh my," he said, "Yeah, I bet that does hurt, and mom gets an award. Yeah, she's got a lot of puss pockets, which doesn't necessarily mean she's got strep, but it's a good indication."

So, he ordered a throat culture and prescribed the medicine anyway. If the test comes back negative, they'll call and tell me to stop the antibiotics. He said she shouldn't be contagious by tomorrow morning. Which is good, because I have the meeting to run. What I don't get is where she picked it up at! We haven't really been anywhere lately, and all her friends that she's been playing with are fine. The only thing I can think of, is she picked it up while in the child care at church. sigh.... oh well. And now I've been blogging for a while, when I should be reading for my Lit class. I have a 5-6 page paper to write this week (my last paper!!!) I seriously am looking foward to August 1.



Aww..I hope she is feeling better.

I named your baby and linked to you in a post. :o) I hope that's okay. It was fun!

Shelly M.
The Mom With Brownies

Robin said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you (so to speak). I'm sorry to hear Carlee was sick. I hope she is feeling better by now. Keep plugging away on your studies. You will be glad you did.

Take care, Robin

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Thanks so much for the comment you left me the other day, it was very inspiring to read and so is your blog! You are a PICTURE of health! Not only are you beautiful, but you can seeeeeee how healthy you are in your eyes and skin (or could it be the baby glow???)

In any case I am glad you stopped by. You seem like an amazing young woman. Hope your daughter is feeling better and looking forward tor reading more!